Canada and Immigration

ESSENTIAL UNDERSTANDING: Throughout our history, immigration and refugee crises have challenged Canadians to consider our worldviews and identity both as individuals and as a nation. In your inquiry, you must approach this idea.

If you are pushing yourself into the Exceeding Expectations range, you MUST refine your approach to the topic through one of the big ideas of the curriculum:

Here are the 4 main big ideas:

  • Global and regional conflicts have been a powerful force in shaping our contemporary world.
  • The development of political institutions is influenced by economic, social, ideological, and geographic factors.
  • Worldviews lead to different perspectives and ideas about developments in Canadian society.
  • Historical and contemporary injustices challenge the narrative and identity of Canada as an inclusive, multicultural society.

Canada: A History of Refuge

Examine graphs: 150 years of immigration in Canada.

Refugee Protection Claims

What I am learning…what am I thinking…what questions do I have thinking sheet

A few key links:

Examine these links, and add to your What I am learning…what am I thinking…what questions do I have thinking sheet.



Canada: A History of Refuge

Passage to Canada – Canadian Immigration policy

UNHCR 10 Infographics that show the insane scale of the global displacement crisis

Discrimination in Ontario: Human Rights Survey results РCBC News РHow might this be linked to immigration and refugee policy? What connections can you make from what we have been learning this semester?

Anti-immigration protest


Canada: A Story of Us, Episode 10 – The Canadian Experiment