Help with inquiry skills

Documents you need to complete as you work on your projects

  1. Tracking Sheet-this shows me you are engaged and making process. You can fill this out digitally, or by hand. Keep it in your folder. You must have one section filled out for each day in the lab doing research or producing.
  2. Research Notes Page You will be required to produce several of these. Download and type your notes, or print/write by hand
  3. Social Studies 8 Inquiry Assignment Sheet for Grade 8 2019 Inquiry


Grade 9 Visual

  1. 2019 Visual presentation template – save this into your My Documents. Make sure this still fits on one page when you are done.

Create a references list using APA style

For our purposes, watch the first two minutes:

Learning how to make a reference list


Research Strategies

Using Wikipedia as a source

Summarize information in point form notes – practice