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Cute kitten video, but it’s educational

Also, a huge connection for me:

Thinking a lot about our role as adults in the lives of our students and children. Just remember, we are looking after you because you still need us (and we need you), just like this Mama and her kitten! Here’s the link to the National Geographic Website.

From the article:
How old would you guess this kitten is, or how far along in its development?

“It looks pretty young, I’d say two to three weeks, though that’s just a guess. There are three main periods of growing up in a kitten. In the first two weeks, they’re basically just like little milk-sucking maggots; they can’t even open their eyes. In weeks two to seven, their eyes and ears open and they learn to socialize. And after that they’re called juveniles, becoming more independent. So we’re looking at a kitten that I think is in that second phase. The mother still needs to take great care of it because fear, the perception of danger, takes a while to develop. Humans and animals are born literally fearless, and need the parent to watch out for them or they might crawl right off the side of a bed, for example. So a kitten this young can’t stray far from its mother safely, and she keeps it close; draws it in often.” (Emphasis is mine.)