April 29

Technology Project

Project Description

What technologies had a fundamental impact on society in the Middle Ages?

Due Date: June 3rd – In-class presentations will begin on Tuesday, May 26th  and all students must be complete at this time. You will have 6 hours of class time to complete the project. You will be require to work on this for homework.

A. Your goal is to pick one or several of these questions, and conduct an inquiry:

  • What are the impacts of technology on society?
  • How do events drive technological advancements?
  • Do technological advances lead to progress for all, or just some?

You need to stick within the historical period of 500-1600 CE.

 B. You need to pick a way of showing your learning. Are you going to build something? Are you going to create a video? Are you going produce a Prezi? How will you present the information to the class?
C. You will be required to complete an ongoing Process Sheet on the project which will be worth 20% of your mark. You will also complete an assessment (Letter Self Assessment Questions) of the project which is worth 10% of your mark. You will also present your learning to class in a fairly informal way. I want you to be able to tell the class what you learned and how it relates to our essential questions.

Medieval Technology Timeline

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Inventions of the Renaissance

Inventions that changed travel, sailing, navigation

Top 10 Inventions of the Middle Ages

Inventions and Technology

Technology in the Middle Ages

Top Da Vinci Inventions

This site has some great information and also asks these interesting questions:

Don’t forget to check out the second page on technology on this site. There are some interesting additions not found on the other pages I listed.

If you enjoy the military aspect, here’s a link on Medieval Warfare.

Here is the assignment sheet you will need to get started.

Initial Assignment Research Word Document