March 2

INTU Kite Runner Unit

Goals of the unit:

-learn how to take Sketchnotes in order to discover an individual inquiry project related to the unit (I Need To Understand).

-investigate diverse texts to gain an understanding of the context of the novel, Kite Runner

-examine the themes and symbols in the novel and practice writing literary response, like we did with The Tale of Despereaux.

-create and stand and deliver an INTU project at the end of the unit.

-learn to provide constructive and supportive feedback to peers on INTU project

With gratitude to Ms. V and Ms. D who have given me great support with both the INTU and Sketchnote process!

See below for links on sketch notes.

The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini

The quote below is from this website.

These issues of contempt, of rivalry between the ethnicities, for instance, between the Pashtuns and Hazaras, this goes back centuries, and it has very bigger old roots and wounds that have not healed. And this book talks about those things in a very unveiled, open fashion. And for a lot of people, that was a jolt. Things were being said in this book that it would be unimaginable that it would be said publicly within the Afghan community. Lots of people would think it and maybe discuss it privately in their home, but would never blog it, they would never write in the newspaper an op ed or let alone write a book. And so it became — I understand why it’s a subject of controversy, but I feel as a writer that writers, artists, cannot shy away from things merely because it makes people uncomfortable. I don’t feel that that’s a good reason to not write something. In fact, that’s a very good reason to write about things. If things make, if a subject matter makes people uncomfortable, if it touches on those things that people fear, if it touches on those things that are sensitive, then maybe that is what is worth writing about. I don’t think we, as writers, shy away from things that are wreathed in reality and shape a society and not write them out of mere politeness. And so in whatever modest way, I hope that The Kite Runner has opened a useful and productive dialog within my community. And I think, to some extent, it really has.


Afghanistan – CBC link
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Sketcho Frenzy: The Basics of Visual Note-taking

Sketchnote Primer

Lesson 2 – Home

Today, we will be listening to four stories that all explore themes related to home. As we listen, create a set of sketchnotes that capture the essential ideas, themes and symbols in each story.

The Moth Podcast