January 27

English 11 Semester 2 2016


Help if you are absent: Spark Notes Summaries and Analysis

Assignment One: Macbeth Act 1 Scenes 1-4

Assignment Two: Act 2 Considerations

Assignment Three – We watched and read about the dinner party where Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost. He has had him killed. Is he hallucinating or does the supernatural actually exist? Read Act Three, Scene 4. If you were absent from class use Spark Notes (link above), Cliff Notes or other summaries to help you figure out what is going on. HAND IN: translate what the speakers are saying in 3.4.153-170.

Assignment Four – We took a look at Macbeth Act 4 Scene 1. What are the new prophesies? Then students considered the various explanations of Macbeth’s behaviour and gave their own view.










Assignment Five: Watch Episode 1 of Hard Rock Medical, on APTN. The potential medical students in the show were asked a variety of questions as part of the interview process for school they wanted to join.  Pick TWO and write about them. Here’s the assignment for Hard Rock Medical.

The skill we are working on here is the ability to respond personally to text. By text, I mean any kind of information. It could be a video, a movie, a painting, a poem, a short story or a newspaper article.

Personal Writing Grades 11/12
Exceeds Expectations
Fully Meets Expectations
Meets Expectations
Not yet Meeting
Writing is mature and engaging, considerable originality. Details and examples enhance reader’s involvement, transforms the topic into a strong personal statement
Writing is mature and generally engaging, demonstrating some originality, details and examples are relevant and sufficient, topic is connected to personal experience.
Gets the job done, is sporadically engaging, some relevant supporting details and examples, minimal connection to personal experience
Limited development of ideas, few examples and details, no personal evidence or involvement in the topic.
Ask yourself, did I learn something about myself with this writing? Did I say something real and true?