Article of the Week

Article of the Week – Scroll down to see the list.

FIRST: Show close reading of the text by annotating as you go.

A checklist of annotation options

  • Ask and answer questions
  • Identify key ideas and events
  • Build your understanding and interpretations
  • Note areas of confusion or needed research
  • Show how your thinking has changed
  • Choose quotes that jump out, and comment
  • Challenge the ideas; reason with the evidence
  • Go below the surface; see the complexity
  • Consider different viewpoints and perspectives
  • Provide solutions
  • Connect to other texts, your life, the world


Article of the Week – Annotation rubric
Actively Engaged in text to build understanding, finding complexity -not just highlighting 1- Not enough 2 -Bare pass 3 – Clear engagement 4 – Deep engagement
Opinions and varying perspectives – challenging ideas with explanations 1- Not enough 2 -Bare pass 3 – Clear engagement 4 – Deep engagement
Wondering – asking and answering questions/words and events you don’t know – areas of potential research 1- Not enough 2 -Bare pass 3 – Clear engagement 4 – Deep engagement

SECOND: Create a 1+ page reflection. Consider the rubric below.

Personal Writing Grades 11/12
Exceeds Expectations Fully Meets Expectations Meets Expectations Not yet Meeting
Writing is mature and engaging, considerable originality. Details and examples enhance reader’s involvement, transforms the topic into a strong personal statement Writing is mature and generally engaging, demonstrating some originality, details and examples are relevant and sufficient, topic is connected to personal experience. Gets the job done, is sporadically engaging, some relevant supporting details and examples, minimal connection to personal experience Limited development of ideas, few examples and details, no personal evidence or involvement in the topic.
Ask yourself, did I learn something about myself with this writing? Did I say something real and true?



List of Articles 2017

  1. Fake News
  2. Random Acts of Kindness
  3. Riot at UC Berkeley
  4. Syrian War – Russia Accused of War Crimes
  5. Article of the Week Afghanistan