February 15

Unit 2 – Contact and Consequences

Episode 2 – Guns, Germs and Steel. Open link – assignment below.

Assignment for documentary: Guns, Germs and Steel Episode 2 Questions

Colonization – Chilcotin War

Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History

We do not know his name: Klatsassin and the Chilcotin War – Web Page

Indian Act and Assimilation:

Rabbit Proof Fence  – watch and complete handout

News Articles

Indian Status: 5 things you need to know

Mohawk Cheryl Diabo faces eviction threat from Kahnawake

The pass system: another dark secret in Canadian history

Residential Schools

Residential Schools Timeline Link: Timeline: Where are the Children?

If you want to do the more basic assignment, with the highest mark being a B, do this assignment: Where are the Children B

If you want to explore the issues of ethnocide and genocide and challenge yourself at a deeper level, do this assignment: Where are the Children A and you will need this document as well: Ethno Geno T-chart.

Treaty Unit

Douglas Treaties

Trick or Treaty

Treaty 8

Map 1975

Treaty Map of Canada Interactive

Site C Link


Enercity link


Nation to Nation – Pipelines

ASSIGNMENT: Watch Okanada, and complete this assignment,Okanda.

A sister’s grief bridges a cultural divide. ASSIGNMENT: Write a personal response to this article. 

How do we resolve land claims?- Ovid Mercredi :

From the website: On Sep. 11, 1995, members of the Kettle and Stony Point band bury Anthony Dudley George. The 38-year-old Chippewa was shot and killed during a confrontation between police and a group of native protesters at Camp Ipperwash. First Nations leader Ovide Mercredi has just attended George’s funeral. In this television clip, he speaks to CBC’s Hana Gartner about how to resolve land claims.

Mercredi says the events at Ipperwash and Gustafsen Lake made him realize aboriginal people have to resolve land claim issues differently. “We don’t want to walk anymore of those distances up the hills to bury our dead,” he explains.

Gustafsen Lake Stand Off

Essay Question Resistance to Assimilation 

Here is a Policies and Resistance Table that will help you with the policies and resistance. STUDY THIS!!

Documentary: No Turning Back

Documentary – Whose Land is it Anyway 8th Fire

Documentary  –Indigenous in the city

Tsilhqot’in First Nations Court win


APTN 60s Scoop

60s Scoop – As it Happens Link


J’net Cavanagh interview from Muskrat: