January 24

BC First Peoples

This semester in BC First Nations Studies 12, we will be making the transition to the new curriculum, BC First People’s 11. The curriculum is largely the same, but they key difference is that there is no provincial examination at the end. This change gives us the flexibility to focus less on chapter-by-chapter details needed for an exam of that nature, and spend more time on the big ideas. Here they are:

  1. The identities, worldviews, and language of BC First Peoples are renewed, sustained, and transformed through their connection to the land.
  2. The impact of contact and colonialism continues to affect the political, social, and economic lives of BC First Peoples.
  3. Cultural Expressions convey the richness, diversity, and resiliency of BC First Peoples.
  4. Through self-governance, leadership, and self-determination, BC First People challenge and resist Canada’s ongoing colonialism.

Here’s a link to the draft curriculum: BC First Peoples 11.

You will get credit for BC First Nations Studies 12.

While you will be expected to take quizzes, do textbook work and write, you will more flexibility in how you represent your learning at several points. Know yourself as a learner. What are your strengths? What are your stretches? Work on both.

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